General legal practice
with focus on Commercial Law

Attorney-at-Law providing services to international clients in a private, boutique-sized office.

I specialize in complex solutions and out of the box thinking. My emphasis is on personal attitude and I will dedicate my full attention to you. I will identify your needs and walk you through every step of the legal process with an individual and personal approach. To ensure efficiency, understand your needs and cover all the complex aspects of your situation, I work as a single point of contact, while cooperating with colleagues who have other expertise. 

I have experience with major transactions in many legal areas ranging from luxury, top-class holiday resorts to banking. I specialize in Commercial and Civil Law, Real-Estate and Administrative Law. 

I have a strong business background due to extensive study and work experience in business, economics, accounting and management. I worked as a manager in the telecommunications industry. I provide advice that reflects business aspects of your case and you can be sure that your situation will be understood in a complex way and that the solutions proposed will support your business goals

I understand the importance of your relationships with business partners and my solutions respect and contribute to the preservation of your longterm relationships to the satisfaction of needs of all parties.